Will Bitcoin Ever See Another 2017-Style Bull Run?

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Bitcoin (BTC) is starting to look bearish again. The recent flash-crash from the $8,000 level to below $7,500 reintroduced bearish sentiment. Now, there are expectations BTC is in a dire situation, with insufficient enthusiasm to repeat a price peak or break the 2017 price record. Bearish Sentiment Plagues Bitcoin The recent price drop for BTC, along with the price weakness seen since the summer months, led to bearish expectations that the leading coin may not see a new high this year. But there are also expectations that bitcoin may not see a rally like the one at the end of 2017. A Reddit thread explained why the enthusiasm from 2017 was a one-off event. Also getting BTC to reach $50,000 or even $100,000 would require too large investments, which are nowhere to be seen, the poster commented. “Going from $300 to $20k took about 200 billion give or take. Chump…

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