Why This Finance Author Advocates Bitcoin Over Gold and Real Estate

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The global financial market is experiencing the greatest shakeup in nearly a century. Amidst the shuffle, one well-known finance author is advocating Bitcoin over other hard assets like gold and real estate. But why? Rich Dad, Poor Dad Author Urges Investors Toward Hard Assets Author Robert Kiyosaki is better known as Rich Dad, Poor Dad, based on the title of his 1997 book on finance. The book made the New York Times bestsellers list for several years, moving over 32 million copies, published in over 51 languages and more than 100 countries. His advice has been taken by many, which recommends savvy investment strategies and upping one’s “financial IQ.” The success led to many additional books published by the author, who also regularly spouts advice via Twitter and other platforms. RELATED READING | THE FED’S LATEST STIMULUS IS IRONICALLY FUELING BITCOIN’S CONTINUED RISE At the start of the pandemic, Kiyosaki…

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