Why Polkadot is the Future of DeFi

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In the last year, decentralized finance (DeFi) has gone from being a relatively unexplored crypto niche to a bustling industry filled with a diverse array of protocols and tools that offer new services and opportunities to users. As it stands, the vast majority of DeFi applications are built on the Ethereum blockchain, due to its popularity among decentralized application (dApp) developers and significant pre-existing user-base. However, this sudden growth of DeFi on Ethereum has pushed the blockchain to its limits, leading to transaction delays and inordinately high fees — making many Ethereum DeFi platforms simply unusable to regular users. Because of this, a large number of developers are now opting to build their DeFi applications on Polkadot, and are looking to take advantage of its unique properties to offer experiences that haven’t yet been possible on other blockchains. As an interoperable blockchain platform capable of bridging together the diverse array…

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