Why PayPal’s Upcoming Crypto Service is a Big Deal

PayPal crypto 560x420

Recently, rumors that PayPal is looking to begin offering cryptocurrency direct-sales began making headlines after insiders from the company, in addition to recent job postings looking for blockchain experts highlighted its renewed interest in cryptocurrencies. If confirmed, PayPal’s entry into the crypto space may result in a significant boon for the industry, by providing an easy entry point for the hundreds of millions of investors — a major step forward in the path to mass adoption. 300 Million Potential New Users PayPal is an online payment system created in 1999 by Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, and Luke Nosek. Later on, the company merged with X.com, a banking platform founded by Elon Musk. Just like many cryptocurrencies, PayPal is designed to serve as an alternative to traditional payment methods like checks and cash—but without the decentralized aspect. The platform was massively successful in its early days and quickly gained tech unicorn…

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