Why PayPal’s CEO Predicts Bitcoin Will Change The Financial System In The Next Decade

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In an interview for TIME magazine, PayPal’s CEO Dan Schulman talked about the payment processor expansion of its crypto service. The executive expects a transformation of e-commerce into a personalized experience and “contextual” purchases driven by social media platforms. Bitcoin could spear point such a change and take it to the entire financial system. Schulman believes 2020 was a crucial year that accelerated “the trend of digital payments by as little as three years and maybe as much as five years”. Due to the pandemic Covid-19, many decided to use PayPal and similar platforms to make their everyday purchases. Data shared by Schulman claims that PayPal made 15.4 billion payments with an estimated value of $936 billion last year. This trend could be increased in 2021 to meet the demand of PayPal’s 300 million estimated users. Over the next 10 years, PayPal’s CEO believes cash as a form of payment…

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