Why Gate.io is a go-to platform for new crypto start-ups

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It’s long past the age where exciting new ventures are reserved for specialized firms such as venture capital and private equity funds. New platforms are trying to democratize early-stage equity investing, but many early-stage financings lack essential liquidity and transparency. Many firms and retail investors turn to cryptocurrency exchanges and Initial Exchange Offerings, but these alternatives often fall short in terms of security and accountability. Gate.io Startup emerges to keep the best of both worlds by offering safe, trusted, and liquid early-stage investment IEO offerings with an exceptional record of high-performing startups. A portfolio of growth and consistency In just a few years, Gate.io Startup projects have proven themselves with their performance since making their debut on Gate.io. TotemFi has recorded a 45900% ROI with Cook (COOK) coming second with a 3947.5% ROI. Some other examples include Yield, Oxycoin, and Hapi who have soared 3688%, 3391.2%, and 2367% respectively. These…

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