Why Ethereum May Severely Underperform DeFi Tokens During Next Bull Market

Ethereum has seen some positive price action throughout the past day, although it remains highly correlated to that of Bitcoin It also remains caught within its macro trading range between $230 and $250, with its buyers being unable to surmount the upper boundary of this range ETH investors have been speculating that the growth seen within the DeFi sector could be enough to propel the crypto higher That being said, one analyst and fund manager is now noting that Ethereum will likely see severe underperformance of altcoins throughout the next bull cycle Ethereum has been able to hold on to the gains that it incurred yesterday, with its buyers currently attempting to stabilize its price within the $240 region. It has shown some signs of weakness throughout the past several hours, as it has been struggling to surmount the slight resistance it faces within the mid-$240 region. Until Bitcoin pushes…

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