Why a “Blue Wave” Biden Win Could Be the Best Scenario for Bitcoin

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In a new note to investors, Goldman Sachs projects “low odds” that the dollar will close the year on a high note, chiefly due to a potential “blue wave” win where Biden sweeps the vote. These poor conditions for the greenback, however, is a best-case scenario for Bitcoin, which could benefit enormously if Democrats take office. How a Democratic Victory & Joe Biden Win Could Positively Impact Bitcoin 2020 is unarguably the most challenging year of modern times. Capping off what has been a year of fear, uncertainty, money printing, protest, and more, is the United States’ most pivotal election in years. Biden is currently leading Trump in the polls, and markets could soon begin to price in the ever-increasing chances of a Democrat victory in the White House. Policy change due to Dems taking over may not bode well for stocks, but it could benefit Bitcoin for several key…

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