WHO’s Scary Warning May Set Back Bitcoin’s Bull Run, Here’s Why

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The World Health Organization has issued a terrifying warning that the “worst” of the pandemic “has yet to come.” The first wave brought record devastation to Bitcoin and the stock market, and investors now fear another crash. If the worst has yet to come for the outbreak itself, could the market experience an even steeper selloff alongside the resurgence of cases globally? World Health Organization Warns of Pandemic Spreading, Worst Is Yet To Come Six months have passed since the pandemic first emerged, and life is still not back to normal. Nor have markets fully recovered from the selloff called Black Thursday in hindsight. As the world learned of the coming quarantine and health care scare, panic spread across markets and caused a collapse. The stock market went from setting an all-time high the month prior to the worst quarterly close on record. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies fell by 50%…

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