Where’s Max Keiser? 4 Weeks and No Twitter Activity

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Vocal Bitcoin champion, permabull and early adopter, Max Keiser, has been uncharacteristically quiet on Twitter as of late. The self-proclaimed ‘tweet poet’ appears to have lost his muse, as we haven’t heard a peep out of him in over a month. From Deluge To Drought Max Keiser’s Twitter feed fell silent on September 23, and is to date, yet to resurface. There was no indication that an extended break was inbound in any of the 48 tweets and retweets posted by the account that day. To say Keiser is prolific on the platform is an understatement, which makes the subsequent silence all the more puzzling. Has Max Keiser literally run out of things to say? Or did something else happen which stole his Twitter mojo? Certainly the timing of the disappearance coincided with bitcoins recent drop in price from the $10k level back to around $8k. Did Keiser wake up…

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