Where to Buy and Sell TON Crystal – The Legendary TON Project Cryptocurrency

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The failed launch of the Telegram Messenger cryptocurrency project is one of the central topics of the outgoing year. The whole global crypto community held its breath while following the development of the conflict between the SEC and Pavel Durov’s TON. Few people believed that such an ambitious undertaking, backed by such a strong effort and vast financial resources, could be simply abandoned because of the regulatory pressure from the United States. However, the regulator won the face-off, and, as a result of its decision, one of the largest developments in the field of decentralization of financial relations was stopped when the product was almost finished. However, it was unthinkable to simply abandon the results of the enormous work of TON developers. The development of TON continued; it was not anymore conducted by the Durov team, but by TON Labs as an independent project based on Telegram Open Network. The…

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