What is OpenOcean? Crypto’s Only Full Market Liquidity Aggregator

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The 2021 bull market continues to rage on, fueled by an inflow of institutional money, the likes of which has never been seen before in crypto. And it looks set to continue. Most experts agree that we can expect to see further growth over the remainder of this year, with the numbers to back it up. BTC miners have switched from selling their block rewards to holding, indicating they believe further price increases are on the horizon. Furthermore, even before the miners started holding, the balance of BTC held on exchanges had been on a steady downward trajectory. As things stand today, Glassnode data shows that in the last twelve months, exchanges have lost around one-third of their total balances, indicating that people are also choosing to hold rather than sell. So with no new supply entering the market, many people choosing to hoard rather than trade or take profit,…

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