What is BitClout? This is Why You Should Care

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The idea of speculating on people’s reputation with real money sounded dumb at first, but BitClout is catching on. The phenomenon is not ignorable anymore. This thing is so big that a serious publication like Bitcoinist had to stop everything and take a look under the hood. Let’s start by examining the project’s own documentation, but this will have to be a series. There’s just too much going on with BitClout. Also, and this is pure speculation, there’s something suspicious here. The website works a little too well. And even though they just copied Twitter, is too well designed. And the design’s aim is to convey unintentional minimalism. Nevertheless, they can’t fool us. The minimalism is intentional and the design is professionally made. What is BitClout anyway? In the project’s whitepaper they describe it like this: Its architecture is similar to Bitcoin, only it can support complex social network data…

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