What Happens When Blockchain-Meets-Crypto-Meets-Gaming?

On the surface, ‘Crypto’ and ‘Gaming’ seem like an intuitive couple, yet the current landscape of these largely complementary industries reveals that the fusion of the two is still very much under construction. The challenges posed by accessibility, reach, design, function and a plethora of others immediately springing to mind are bravely being tackled by many crypto and tech wizards, yet only a handful are pioneering this evolution. In this article, we’ll review the industry’s lay of the land and evaluate its most recent developments. A unique opportunity Since crypto has been the center of attention the last two months, talks about gamification have been on many a fintech platform’s agenda. Could the creation of a sophisticated platform of this kind bring in the big bucks? Strategic partner and advisor of high engagement platform Gamee, Yat Siu, states that “gamers are the largest base of users who understand virtual currency…

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