“We’re simply digitizing the world on blockchain” – Head of OTON

The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic and the spread of digitization have shown that having the ability to work from any place at any time has not only become popular but necessary. OTON provides this ability. The majority of professions involve working with people. Salespeople need customers. Service providers seek clients. Bloggers live off their followers. Creative people communicate with their viewers, listeners, and readers. But it’s not enough to obtain an audience, it’s necessary to know how to earn a profit from it. OTON makes this possible. If you are an entrepreneur, a manufacturer, or a service provider, you need a webpage that is able to process payments, provide reports, and analyze business processes. Ideally, this portal should be your advertising channel, your accounting team, and your legal counsel, all in one. OTON takes on the task of providing these functions for your webpage. OTON is all that has…

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