Wells Fargo Warns Of Stock Shock From Biden Win, How Would Bitcoin Behave?

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Past data shows that Bitcoin bull market breakouts typically happen following a US Presidential Election. However, Democratic party candidate Joe Biden has recently overtaken Trump in the polls – something Wells Fargo warns could shake up the stock market. And with Bitcoin tightly correlated to the stock market, a Biden win could be harmful to the leading cryptocurrency by market cap. But why? Wells Fargo Chief Strategist Warns of Stock Market Reaction To Joe Biden Win The United States presidential election is coming in just a few short months. Current and controversial President Donald Trump will face off against former Vice President Joe Biden. Biden served in the role under Barack Obama from 2009 to 2017 and was the 47th Vice President in the White House. Now Biden is looking to take on the top-ranking role in the country, and oust Trump from the White House after just one term.…

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