Was Tether the Unknown Bitcoin Whale Behind Monday’s $2.27 Billion Transfer?

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The massive $2.27 billion bitcoin transfer that occurred on Monday has led to the emergence of fanciful theories that Tether might be creating a private dark pool for future USDT issuance. The Facts: Bitcoin Whale Moves $2.27 Billion in Six Hours Monday (July 29, 2019) turned out to be an eventful day in the bitcoin scene. “Fiach_Dubh” a pseudonymous writer for Coinmonks – a technology-focused publication – has woven an intricate plot that ties together several of the major happenings from Monday. In a Medium post published on Tuesday (July 30, 2019), the Coinmonks writer alleged that yesterday’s massive BTC movement and the launch of Tether on the Liquid Network are part of an elaborate scheme. Tweeting on Monday, Whale Alert, a Twitter bot that tracks large crypto transactions, revealed five massive bitcoin movements. Each transaction was worth more than $448 million in bitcoin making a total of $2.27 billion.…

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