Warp Finance Re-Launches After Successful Reimbursement of Hacked Funds

Warp Finance, a protocol enabling liquidity provisioning (LP) tokens to be used as collateral for stablecoin loans, is re-launching after a successful recovery and reimbursement of hacked funds. This novel platform was the unfortunate victim of a flash loan attack, an increasingly prevalent problem in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space whereby hackers are able to essentially cheat the protocol and pull large amounts of money out of it. Warp carried out a quick and sweeping response to this hack, both re-securing its platform and re-obtaining user funds, which have been reimbursed. In order to ensure that it is protected against future flash loan attack attempts, Warp Finance sought a security review from n-Var to thoroughly audit its reworked code. The main objectives were to identify resolutions for the flash loan attack, as well as to ensure the security of updates to Warp’s price oracles. The n-Var security audit meticulously reviewed…

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