Vaccine News Strikes Blow to Safe Haven Assets; Potentially Impacting Bitcoin

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The global stock markets are rocketing today on news that a vaccine that would put an end to the ongoing pandemic has 90% effectiveness This news signals that it may only be a matter of months before things start going back to normal, which means a reduction in government spending and economic turbulence Naturally, this is a bad thing for safe haven assets, with today’s news sending the price of gold nosediving Bitcoin has seen some downwards momentum as well, although it is mostly consolidating around the price at has been at for the past few days If BTC truly is a safe haven asset that trades more like gold than it does equities, then this news could strike a serious blow to its strength Bitcoin is still trading within the mid-$15,000 region following a period of weakness throughout the past couple of days. Following its rejection ta $16,000, bears…

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