US Stocks, Crypto Markets Surge On Positive Jobs Report, Coincidence?

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The US recently added 128,000 new jobs in October 2019, which seemingly resulted in significant growth of the stock market indexes, and also a modest crypto price surge. Reports around the world are coming in with positive news regarding financial markets, especially in the US and Europe. As the US opened over 128,000 new jobs in October of this year, the move seemingly brought a very positive outcome for American stocks. Stocks Surge in the US and Europe Stocks in the US rallied quite sharply this Friday, allowing multiple indexes to close on a new all-time high. S&P 500 closed up at 1%, with 3,067 points, which represents the 3rd record close in a single week. Meanwhile, Nasdaq closed up at 1.1% higher, with 8,386 points, which allowed it to surpass even its July 2019 high. While Dow (INDU) rallied also, it did not break its July record, although it…

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