UniFarm Announces 4 IDOs alongwith New BSC Cohort Going Live

UniFarm, a decentralized farming pool of DeFi’s top projects, has announced its 5th Cohort to provide investors with a staking solution that resonates with their financial goals. By launching its 5th edition, UniFarm demonstrates its commitment towards making staking even better for investors. UniFarm pioneered the token farming pool, which has 20 top DeFi projects on the platform sharing pool, giving an opportunity for investors to invest and earn handsome yields by staking longer. According to their website, UniFarm has over $9 Million Total Value Locked on their platform so far. And, the number seems to be increasing at a good pace. With the advent of UniFarm, the idea of staking one token and farming all the others have really taken off, with communities realizing the topnotch advantages of diversified returns as well as participant projects finding value in joining cohorts with some of the biggest names in the blockchain.…

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