Unicly To Allow Users To Combine, Fractionalize, And Trade NFTs With Guaranteed Liquidity

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Capitalizing on blockchain technology, Unicly is deploying a novel protocol to fractionalize and pool liquidity for NFTs, allowing users to own portions of collections and resell them as fungible tokens. A New Means To Combine And Split NFT Collections Interest in NFTs has skyrocketed over the last few months, increasing the overall NFT market capitalization to more than $430 million. Several renowned personalities, including artists, performers, and content creators, are embracing this new way of monetizing their creations, collectibles, and artworks. Although non-fungible token auctions have surpassed seven-figure bids, it isn’t accessible to a larger audience due to the rising costs of ownership. NFTs come in several different forms and representations with different values and varied demand levels, making it complicated to match buyers and sellers. Also, the fact that there can only be one of each NFT makes it considerably less liquid than fungible tokens. To overcome the drawbacks…

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