UK Bitcoin Firm to Sell $30M Stake to Financial Conglomerate SBI

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London-based bitcoin firm B2C2 announced on Wednesday that it is selling stakes worth $30 million to SBI Holdings, Inc. The FCA-approved crypto business confirmed that it would provide liquidity to SBI. The fintech giant wants to expand its cryptocurrency offerings to its millions of customers. The partnership also expects to assist B2C2 as the award-winning bitcoin business builds an automated financing facility. B2C2, a London-based bitcoin firm, is partnering with financial giant SBI Holdings via a deal that expects to benefit both the companies. Expanding Prime Brokerage Solutions The institutional cryptocurrency trading platform announced on Wednesday that it will sell a minority stake worth $30 million to SBI. The company called the partnership “strategic,” explaining that it would make B2C2 the prime crypto liquidity provider to SBI’s crypto services in Japan. The partnership will accelerate SBI and B2C2’s expansion in the crypto and financial markets, writes @maxboonen #liquidity #automation…

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