U.S. Treasury Bonds Are Still on Track to Go Negative in Boost to Bitcoin

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The Great Recession of 2008 spawned two things: Bitcoin and increasingly lower negative interest rates. To spur economic growth and ensure the stability of the macroeconomy, central banks around the world have been increasingly lowering their policy interest rates. In Japan and in much of Europe, interest rates are negative, meaning that banks get paid by central banks to borrow money. In some cases, this has spilled over onto consumers, with some government bonds yielding now negative rates. America has thus far avoided this. The lower bound of the policy interest rate of the Federal Reserve is 0%; also, the yield of most U.S. Treasury maturities has fallen under 1%. But according to an analysis by a Wall Street veteran and a long-time Bitcoin bull, yields could soon fall under 0%. And that could be big for the cryptocurrency market. Treasury Bonds Still on Track to Go Negative The former…

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