Tyler Winklevoss: Bitcoin Will “Be Your Only Refuge” in the Future

Bitcoin has undergone a strong rally over recent months, gaining in tandem with legacy markets. While many think that the cryptocurrency’s rally is just a byproduct of a correlation with the S&P 500, there are some that think the asset has immense intrinsic value in the current macro environment. Namely, with the vast amount of money printing taking place, the value of a decentralized, digital, and scarce currency rises dramatically. Bitcoin Will “Be Your Only Refuge” Tyler Winklevoss, a co-founder of Gemini, recently touched on this belief. Responding to news of another stimulus package being worked on, Winklevoss recently stated that Bitcoin will “be your only refuge.” He said: “Stonks love nothing more than wen the money printer goes brrrr like an A-10 warthog. It’s full-fledged addiction that’s not going to end until it has to. When that will happen is hard to predict, but what’s certain is that #Bitcoin…

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