Two Overlooked Talks From The Bitcoin 2021 Conference In Miami

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As promised, we’re also covering some of the presentations that don’t have big names associated with them. Powerful ideas about Bitcoin abound in these. In stark contrast from one another, ex-government officials star in the first one, and dangerous anarchists star in the second one. We’re exaggerating, of course. Nevertheless, the point is, the ideas they contain are not that different. These two are from day one of Bitcoin 2021. We’ll do a couple more from day two, of course. And many, many more, are going to end up on the editing floor. The content was just too good and we can’t cover them all. By the way, did you all notice that all the criticism this conference got was directed elsewhere? The large lines for anything, the tribalism, Max Keiser’s baptisms (don’t ask,) the “insensitive” cash is trash selfie dumpster, but not the content. The content was excellent… except…

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