Turkey to Launch its State Backed Crypto Asset Next Year

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Turkey’s state-backed digital asset, the crypto lira or digital lira is scheduled for launch next year. The move has the potential to bring about a heightened interest in government-backed or other large-scale digital coin launches, by various other countries/corporations. Digital Lira Part of 2020 Presidential Platform Social media reports suggest that 2020 may be the year when Turkey launches its digital currency. The decision arrives after months of price weakness for the original lira. BREAKING: Turkey's digital Lira will finish testing next year. Within a decade, governments went from laughing at the idea of bitcoin to trying to immitate it as their reserve currency. It makes you wonder what the next few years will bring. — Rhythm (@Rhythmtrader) November 5, 2019 Turkey may be joining China in minting a new type of asset, a large-scale national crypto coin. The People’s Bank of China has given signs it that may be…

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