Trump ‘Will Ban’ Bitcoin When Price Reaches $100,000

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Bitcoin could see a total ban in the United States if its price reaches $100,000, a well-known industry commentator has warned. Tom Lee: ‘Nothing Out Of Reach’ For US Gov’t In a Twitter debate about Washington’s snap ban on flavored e-cigarettes on Sept. 11, Fundstrat Global Advisors co-founder Tom Lee vented concerns about lawmakers’ power to wipe out entire markets overnight. A regular Bitcoin 00 commentator, Lee noted previous negative comments on crypto by President Donald Trump and his administration. The ease with which e-cigarettes will disappear from the US, he suggested, meant other contentious phenomena could suffer the same fate. “This is un-related but shows White House can issue an ‘executive order’ banning anything. And could even ban bitcoin,” he wrote. “Not expecting it. But with current White House, there is “nothing out of bounds nor out of reach.” According to a statement on Wednesday, the US government and…

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