Tron (TRX) Forms Textbook Bear Signal Despite Rally in the Altcoin Market

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Tron (TRX) has been a sleeper cryptocurrency over the past few weeks. While it has rallied like many other digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, TRX has not been focused on by many analysts. According to the Tom Demark Sequential, the popular altcoin is on the verge of reversing to the downside after a multi-day rally. Analysts beg to differ, arguing that Tron is actually on the verge of a massive upswing triggered by months of consolidation. Tron may be further suppressed by Bitcoin, which may lead the crypto asset market as it attempts to set a new local high. Tron Could See Bearish Reversal: TD Sequential According to a Telegram channel tracking signals formed by the Tom Demark Sequential, Tron is primed to move lower in the days ahead. The Telegram channel shared the chart below on August 10th. It shows that TRX’s U.S. dollar pair on Bitfinex formed…

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