TRON and Waves Tap Gravity to Connect Their Blockchains

Blockchain projects TRON and Waves have inked a strategic partnership with the aim of achieving mass adoption of inter-chain DeFi. The landmark inter-chain initiative owes a debt to Gravity, the decentralized blockchain-agnostic oracle network that facilitated the integration. When Chains Collide TRON and Waves use completely different smart contract languages, the former having been written in Solidity and the latter using Ride. To bring the pair onto the same page, Gravity’s interoperable oracle queries data on each chain, thereby enabling the ecosystems to increase access to services for both user bases. In practical terms, the link-up means that TRC20 tokens including JST, plus TRX and BTT, are now readily available on Waves’ blockchain and tradable on the platform’s DEXs. Similarly, assets such as NSBT and WEST will be opened up to the TRON community. Swaps between both blockchains’ collateralized stablecoins – TRON’s USDJ and Waves’ USDN – is also now…

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