Treasure Hunter Finds Long-Lost Box with $46K. Guess What Devaluation Did

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The host of the YouTube show “Rediscover Lost,” Keith Wille, performed a miracle for a family in Massachusetts. He found $46.000 hidden in the attic since the fifties. Back then, it was the equivalent of $421.603 today. That means it lost approximately 90% of its purchasing power. Devaluation is devastating. What does this say about a deflationary currency like Bitcoin? We’ll answer that, but first, let’s get back to the story. Finding the metal box The family wanted to sell a house, but the rumor of buried treasure loomed above them. Then, as WIlle tells us in the show notes: After years of failed attempts, this family grew tired of trying to figure out if a metal detector would work indoors and even hired a construction contractor to find the treasure supposedly hidden under the floor boards. The family eventually found me online and hired me to figure out where…

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