Tis the Season to Trade: Bingbon Gears Up For Xmas Trading Contest

Cryptocurrency trading platform Bingbon is doing its bit to spread a little Christmas cheer, with its annual Xmas Team Trading Contest set to get underway on December 24 (00:00, GMT+8). The competition, which will end on New Year’s Eve (23:59, GMT+8), will see participating teams compete for a generous prize pool of 400,000 USDT. Bingbon isn’t a stranger to competitions; the platform recently dangled a $300 carrot for anyone who could guess the price of BTC come January 1. Bitcoin’s price has held steady since breaking its all-time high earlier this month. Recruitment Overdrive as Traders Assemble With the trading tournament due to commence in just a few day’s time, team member recruitment is currently ongoing, with a minimum threshold of five traders per group. Only users with an account balance of 100 USDT or higher can take part and the more participants who enter, the greater the prize pool.…

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