Time is Running Out For 4Chan Wizard’s $16K Bitcoin Prediction

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With only a week of October left, bitcoin price has just suffered a flash crash down to the $7400s. So what does this mean for the 4Chan ‘Wizard’ prediction, of $16,000 this month? Is it time to just give up the ghost, or does bitcoin have more autumnal tricks up its sleeve? And why on earth would anyone pay attention to an anonymous 4Chan user anyway? The ‘That Ship Has Sailed’ Brigade Prominent trader and analyst, Josh Rager, certainly doesn’t expect the prediction to come true now. “Don’t worry, he meant $6,000 $BTC in October, not $16,000,” he tweeted, followed up with, “Still on target.” To be fair, since the rally in the second quarter of 2019, almost all of the bitcoin price action has been either sideways or downwards. So it is hard to see where the number one cryptocurrency will find enough upwards momentum to more than double…

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