This Technical Indicator Shows Bitcoin is About to See Wild Volatility

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Bitcoin’s consolidation phase has persisted despite many analysts anticipating volatility during yesterday’s weekly candle close The crypto is still trading in the lower-$9,000 region and is showing few signs of garnering any strength Analysts are now noting that it could soon see some wild volatility, however, as BTC’s Bollinger Bands haven’t been as tight as they are now since November of 2018 This was just before the cryptocurrency faced the massive selloff that caused it to slide towards $3,000 Some analysts are noting that signs are suggesting this volatility will favor buyers Bitcoin and the aggregated cryptocurrency market have been flashing mixed signs throughout the past several days and weeks. Although most altcoins remain in firm bear territory, BTC appears to be in a precarious position as it hovers towards the lower end of its long-held trading channel. Analysts are now noting that the benchmark cryptocurrency may soon provide the…

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