This project aims to deliver on one of DeFi’s most important missions

Community governance has been added to a host of features that make YFDAI Finance a leading platform in the DeFi space. Since its creation in 2009, blockchain technology promised to rid the world of the need for trusted third parties. DeFi has taken this promise seriously and is changing the way we look at finance, ridding us of the need for intermediaries and giving birth to various protocols designed with the goal of having as many stakeholders as possible sharing control. Building a decentralized ecosystem from the bottom up is no small task and, whilst there have been incidents in recent months that highlight the still-nascent stages that DeFi is in, the progress made by some of the most popular DeFi platforms and protocols has been nothing short of admirable. YFDAI Finance is one of these platforms and over the course of just three months has grown from a DeFi…

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