This Macro Factor Is Poised to Send BItcoin and Gold Flying in Tandem

Bitcoin’s price action has not been the most bullish over recent weeks, to say the least. After the asset posted a series of tops in the $12,000 range, a $2,000 drop ensued. At the lows early last week, BTC traded for under $10,000 due to immense selling pressure. Bitcoin has undergone a rally since the worst of the drop and now trades at $10,350 as of this article’s writing. This is far from a full-blown recovery but analysts remain optimistic about the leading cryptocurrency and its altcoins. One macro trader, Dan Tapiero of Gold Bullion Int., says that both Bitcoin and gold will be boosted over a long-term time frame due to macro trends. One such trend he mentioned recently is the collapse in commercial real estate, which he thinks will force the Federal Reserve to maintain stimulus. Bitcoin and Gold Could Be Boosted by This Macroeconomic Trend Bitcoin and…

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