This Indicator Is Still Adamant Chainlink (LINK) Is Poised to Drop Further

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Chainlink surged on Saturday after plunging around 25% from its local highs near $20. The asset reached approximately $16, bouncing from the $14 lows. LINK is down on Sunday, trading 5.5% lower in the past 24 hours. A crucial technical indicator that has been calling for a Chainlink correction for days and weeks recently confirmed a bearish signal again. The signal suggests LINK will continue to drop from here, potentially back into single-digit prices. Chainlink Is Poised to Drop Further: TD Sequential Chainlink is sliding lower after an attempted bullish reversal. The crowd-favorite crypto asset is down 5.5% in the past 24 hours, sliding back below the pivotal $15 support. LINK now trades for $14.93. The Tom Demark Sequential suggests that LINK has further to fall. According to a Telegram channel tracking Tom Demark Sequential signals, Chainlink has formed a “Sell S-13” on its weekly chart against the dollar. The…

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