This Historically Accurate Signal Predicts Ethereum’s Rally Will Pause

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Ethereum has seen a strong macro rally over the past two months, rallying from $240 to $420 as of this article’s writing. ETH traded higher, as high as $440 just two weeks ago. The Tom Demark Sequential predicts that ETH’s rally will pause for a number of weeks, and maybe reverse lower. This assertion comes courtesy of a historically accurate signal for Ethereum. Bitcoin’s price action may end up determining ETH’s, though. Ethereum’s Price Rally Will Pause in the Near Future According to a Telegram channel tracking appearance of the Tom Demark Sequential “9” candle, Ethereum is bearish. The Telegram channel shared this chart below on the morning of August 31st. It shows that ETH has formed a “sell 9” candle against the dollar on its weekly chart. Such “9” candles are seen prior to bearish inflection points in the trend of an asset. The Tom Demark Sequential has had…

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