This Historically Accurate Fractal Suggests Bitcoin Will Soon Hit $15,500

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Bitcoin is currently seeing a strong upswing that has led it past multiple heavy resistance levels This move comes just days after tech giant Square announced their plan to hold $50 million worth of Bitcoin as a reserve asset This is the second public company to turn towards BTC to protect their capital, with this bourgeoning trend sparking excitement amongst investors There is one fractal pattern that indicates further upside could be imminent in the near-term BTC has been closely tracking this fractal throughout the past few months, if this trend continues, then it may soon rally as high as $15,500 Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market had previously been caught within the throes of a prolonged consolidation phase. This was driven by BTC remaining stuck between $10,200 and $11,200. The resistance towards the upper boundary of this range was shattered in a violent push higher seen yesterday afternoon. The…

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