This Historically Accurate Analyst Thinks This Is Next for Bitcoin


Bitcoin has undergone a strong correction, falling around 20% from its year-to-date highs over the past few weeks. Analysts are divided over what comes next for the cryptocurrency. Many say that Bitcoin is poised to correct because the U.S. dollar has found support and is bouncing. A technical analysis by a historically accurate trader corroborates this expectation. While he did not explain a concrete scenario, he suggested that BTC could continue to slide lower until the end of 2020. This may actually be bullish as it would set Bitcoin up for a strong bounce, then a continuation to the upside. Bitcoin Could “Grind” Lower Into End of 2020: Here’s Why an Analyst Thinks So Bitcoin may be primed to move towards the $9,000s, then $8,000s as we move into the end of the year according to an analyst. The analyst shared the chart seen below after BTC’s correction, noting that…

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