This “Golden Pocket” Could Wipeout Ethereum’s Momentum

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Ethereum is rapidly approaching its local highs as bulls begin garnering significant strength There is one “golden pocket” resistance level that could spark a major selloff if ETH is rejected here Some top traders are still noting that they expect this uptrend to extend significantly further The intense uptrend Ethereum incurred yesterday was able to further extend overnight, with the cryptocurrency pushing will into the mid-$180 region as its buyers make a bid at revisiting its local highs at $190. The cryptocurrency does appear to have some significant underlying strength, as it has been consistently outperforming Bitcoin and many other major altcoins throughout the past several days. There are a few key technical resistance levels that are fast approaching, however, and a firm rejection at any of these levels could be dire. Ethereum Rallies Towards $190 as Analysts Target Horizontal Resistance Around $220 At the time of writing, Ethereum is…

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