This Fractal Predicts Bitcoin Will Return to $11,000 Very Soon


Bitcoin is primed to return to $11,000 in the near future as the cryptocurrency market consolidates. Analysts believe this is the case due to macro factors, along with technical factors. For one, Bitcoin is trading in a fractal of a retracement from September 2018. This specific comparison suggests that BTC is primed to consolidate, then recovery to $11,000 by mid-month. Barring strong moves in legacy markets, these fractals and other technical factors should drive Bitcoin higher. Bitcoin Could Soon Return to $11,000, Predicts Eerie Fractal The trader that predicted Bitcoin’s ongoing retracement thinks that BTC will soon return to $11,000. He shared the chart below on September 10th, noting that Bitcoin’s recent price action looks like a correction in September 2018. According to the comparison of the recent price action and the historical correction, BTC is likely to consolidate between $10,000 and $10,700, then surge towards $11,000 by the middle…

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