This Eerie Silver Fractal Predicts Bitcoin Will Soon Shoot Towards $20k


As evidenced by the array of opinions online, many are divided over what’s next for Bitcoin. There are some saying that a massive bull is imminent. Others believe that a correction back towards $10,500, then lower, is entirely feasible. An eerie fractal that predicted Bitcoin’s ongoing consolidation, though, suggests the trend is bullish. The analyst that shared this fractal has been historically accurate, sharing other crucial analyses over the years. Bitcoin trades at $11,650 as of this article’s writing, flatlining in the range between $11,500 and $11,700. Bitcoin Poised to Explode Higher: Silver Fractal A narrative has formed over recent months that Bitcoin is closely correlated with gold. But according to a recent analysis shared by a crypto trader, BTC may actually be closely correlated with silver. The issue with this correlation is, silver’s price action is preceding that of Bitcoin by a few weeks. The trader in question shared…

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