This Crucial Indicator Suggests Bitcoin Is on the Verge of Hitting a Top


Bitcoin has undergone a strong 25% rally over the past two weeks. The coin currently trades for $13,700. Analysts think that the cryptocurrency may undergo a retracement in the near term. Cole Garner shared the chart below recently. It shows that Bitcoin is now flashing technical signals last seen prior to the August high. The signal that seems poised to form was also spotted at the highs of February, prior to the brutal March breakdown. Bitcoin Likely Nearing a Top Soon: Indicator According to an important Bitcoin technical indicator, the peak of this rally is likely soon to come. Cole Garner, a crypto-asset analyst, shared the chart below, which shows Bitcoin’s price action over the past three years along with a custom indicator. Prior to multiple medium-term highs during 2019’s rally and the 2017 exponential surge, this indicator flashed a warning. That same warning is starting to flash now. The…

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