This Bitcoin Metric Shows Just How Far Away The Top Could Be

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Bitcoin price is still more than 10% away from the highs set last month, and bulls have been struggling to regain the powerful momentum they had on the way up. However, while price action is feigning signs of being exhausted, blockchain data shows that growth in actual Bitcoin adoption is still on a steady, parabolic incline and is nowhere close to peak levels historically. According to a top cryptocurrency market researcher, this suggests the current uptrend has nowhere near concluded, and a new record in a key metric will be reached before it is all said and done. Blockchain Data Shows When Retail Arrived, User Adoption In Action As Bitcoin price action soars, the cryptocurrency making headlines and becoming the subject of water cooler talk and online chatter once again, has also lured new users to the technology en masse. Technically, Bitcoin’s current uptrend has been the most powerful in…

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