These Bullish Factors Suggest Bitcoin is Poised to Post an Explosive Move Higher

Bitcoin’s price has remained steady despite the crypto market being struck multiple blows by recent developments Last week, the market faced a $150m KuCoin hack, which was closely followed by the CFTC charging the BitMEX co-founders The weakness created by these events was compounded by turbulence within the stock market due to President Trump’s health Despite all this, Bitcoin’s price has remained squarely within the trading range it has been caught within over the past few weeks One analyst is noting that its strength in the face of this indicates that an explosive move higher is brewing Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market have been consolidating for the past few days, after seeing some slight selling pressure earlier in the week. This selling pressure resulted from a variety of different factors, but it wasn’t enough to alter the crypto’s underlying market structure. While speaking about where he expects the market…

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