These 5 Trends Show Bitcoin’s Bull Run Is Just Starting

Bitcoin has surged approximately 30% higher in a month. The asset now trades for $11,700, a price still far higher than it was just weeks ago. Not everyone is convinced by the BTC price action, with some calling this a range deviation prior to a drop back towards $8,000. There are fund managers like Euro Pacific’s Peter Schiff still calling for Bitcoin to go towards $0 over time, disregarding the ongoing rally. Dan Held of Kraken, though, recently identified five clear signs that Bitcoin’s bull run is starting. These add to a confluence of other on-chain, fundamental, and technical signs indicating such. Bitcoin’s Bull Run Is Just Starting On August 24th, Kraken’s Dan Held gave five clear reasons why he thinks Bitcoin is currently “at the beginning of a bull run.” These five reasons as defined by the cryptocurrency market commentator are as follows. 97% of all BTC in circulation…

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