These 5 Simple Factors Suggest Ethereum’s Rally is “Running on Fumes”

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Ethereum has been largely consolidating throughout the past week as Bitcoin continues lacking decisive directionality The crypto has been subjected to some increased selling pressure throughout the past couple of hours, which led its price down to lows of $350 earlier today Analysts do believe that the token could be “running on fumes” at the present moment, suggesting that it may not be able to rally any further Five factors are may be contributing to this weakness, including multiple recent hacks as well massive downside liquidity The confluence of these factors and others may lead it to see further downside in the days, weeks, and even months ahead Ethereum is currently attempting to rebound after plunging to lows of $350 earlier today. Although the initial reaction to this level was bullish, ETH has been unable to maintain its upwards momentum. As such, the token may now be positioned to see…

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