These 4 Factors Signal Bitcoin is Gearing Up for a Breakout Rally

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The crypto market is heading into the weekend without any clear momentum, as the past week has been relatively quiet for Bitcoin Many altcoins are still maintaining their firm upwards momentum, although this appears to be slowing down as investors grow more concerned about where Bitcoin may trend next There are four factors that one analyst is closely observing that could provide BTC with better guidance in the near-term This comes as the cryptocurrency continues building fundamental strength, as investors are still moving their BTC holdings away from exchanges at a rapid pace Bitcoin and the aggregated cryptocurrency market are sending mixed signals to investors. On the one hand, Bitcoin has seen historically low volatility that has come about in tandem with declining trading volume and liquidity. All the while, altcoins have been surging left and right, with many up well over 100% this year. It is possible that the…

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