These 3 Simple Factors Could Erase Bitcoin’s Current Signs of Strength

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Bitcoin is beginning to flash some signs of strength as it starts breaking out of the recently established trading range between $9,00 and $9,300 The crypto could soon make a move to test the resistance that sits towards the top of its long-held trading range This resistance extends from $9,700 to $10,000 BTC’s tempered strength comes as altcoins begin rallying, with some even climbing as much as 100% yesterday Analysts are noting that there are a few factors that suggest Bitcoin could be in for a notable decline in the coming days Bitcoin is currently looking strong as it attempts to break above $9,300. This level has held as resistance throughout the past week, and buyers were previously unable to shatter it despite multiple tries. As buyers now navigate the crypto past this level, it may continue rising until it reaches its high time frame resistance in the upper-$9,000 region.…

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